Crowns & Bridges

Missing teeth aren’t a problem today, if you consult a dentist they will most likely recommend you get artificial replacements like dentures, dental crowns, or tooth bridges.
Feel free to discuss your situation with our experts and we will suggest you the best replacement depending on your case. At Royal Dental Care our first priority is always restoring as many beautiful smiles as we can.

What are Dental Crowns

Dental crowns come in various sizes and materials, the best one can only be decided for you after the FREE consultation with our dental expert.
Simply put, dental crowns are the dental caps that help in encircling or just capping your dental implants or teeth. You can choose from several material options for your dental crowns.

What are Dental Crowns
What are Tooth Bridges<br />

What are Tooth Bridges

Dental bridges help restore the function and look of your teeth, by bridging the gap between two teeth, just like the name suggests.
Whether you were born with missing teeth or got one or more missing to tooth decay, injury, or any gum disease, dental crowns and bridges can get you a reason to smile again with confidence.

Decide for Yourself with Free Consultation

We won’t charge a cent for the consultation, yes you heard it right. Simply get in touch with our dental expert to get more insight on dental crowns and bridges.
Implants are one of the arts of aesthetic dentistry and all of them more or less do the same thing, only the expert can help you choose which one will work best for you.

Decide for Yourself with Free Consultation<br />
Crown and Bridge Benefits

Crown and Bridge Benefits

Dental crowns and bridges have many benefits but the most fascinating ones are:
1. Fulfilling their primary function, dental crowns and bridges help you hide the missing teeth
2. Crowns and bridges are proven to withstand alot more than traditional implants.
3. Giving you a beautiful smile that you wanted for a long time.
4. Perfectly addressing the missing teeth issue and filling the gaps and cavities, so you can chew effortlessly.