Royal Dental Care Root Canal Treatment

Royal Dental Care is always busy relieving teeth pain with several different treatments, all with the goal of restoring your beautiful smile.
If tooth pain is left untreated it can become one of the worst pains you willl ever encounter and may lead to severe health issues. Talk to our dental experts now so we can determine whether you need a root canal or any other dental treatment.

What is a Root Canal

A root canal is one the most common as well as complex dental treatments that require serious experience, and that is what our dentists handle every day.
But what exactly is a root canal? Well, it is a treatment that involves:

1. Making an opening in the top of the tooth.

2. Removing the infected or inflamed soft center of the tooth (pulp).

3. Cleaning and shaping the root canal.

4. And then filling the canal and sealing it.

What is a Root Canal<br />
Who Needs Root Canal<br />

Who Needs Root Canal

It is your dentist who will recommend a root canal treatment,but how do you know it’s time to talk to a dentist?

1. If you are facing tooth sensitivity.

2. If there’s a severe pain in any of your teeth.

3. If you notice that your gums feel swollen.

4. If you have severe tooth pain.

5. If a tooth is being discolored to grayish black.

6. If you have a cracked or chipped tooth.

If you have any of these symptoms, talk to our specialist immediately and learn more about your diagnosis and potential treatment.

Free Consultation Before a Root Canal

A root Canal requires a proper check-up beforehand to determine whether there is actually a need for a root canal. You can consult our dental experts absolutely FREE and book an appointment for your checkup when you are ready.
The only way to know if you require root canal treatment is to have a dental professional examine you. Don’t risk your health and your teeth; make an appointment for a dental checkup today!

Free Consultation Before a Root Canal<br />
Do root canals hurt?<br />

Do root canals hurt?

It sounds scary to most people, but does it really hurt? First of all your dentist will numb your tooth and gums with local anesthesia, so there’s little to no pain involved in a root canal treatment.
Your mouth may feel sensitivity or soreness following the root canal, which can be eased by taking a painkiller by the suggestion of your dentist.
To put it simply, a root canal procedure doesn’t hurt any more than getting a filling or having a wisdom tooth removed, which are both common dental procedures.

Flexible Payment Options Are Available

Root canal pricing differs from tooth to tooth while also depending on the damage that has been caused. But that shouldn’t hold you back as we accept most of the major insurance payments.
We also have flexible and easy payment installments available that will surely help you manage the finances before you go for the root canal.
Talk to our dental expert now for a discussion and we will derive a feasible payment option just for you.